Sax Sea – we’ve got you covered.

Renae Moresby knows what women want. She’s dedicated most of her adult life to giving real women a positive swimwear experience - both in the change room and on the beach. Not only does Sax Sea stock the best quality International and Australian swimwear labels but it’s also home to its very own range, designed by Moresby

More than just lip service!

 Sax Sea pride themselves on giving you a personalized shopping experience so its only natural that they listen to what you need and want from your swimwear. Dreams become reality when Sax Sea, led by Moresby, design a range to fill those gaps in the market, ensuring you get exactly what you want.

Sax Sea’s own label caters to women of all ages and sizes. When asked about her range, Moresby explained, I understand that for most women, swimwear is the least amount of clothing they will be seen wearing in public, and that is why Sax Sea is committed to working with our customers to help you look and feel your best in swimwear!  We saw an opportunity to create swimwear that Sax Sea women want. It’s not often that you see experienced sales staff having input on the design of swimwear and this is what sets our labels apart. Its reputation is known for quality, flattering styles, great range but most of all affordable prices.”

A perfect fit every time, for every one!

Sax Sea’s own label was established over 13 years ago with the aim of reaching all age groups and all shapes. Other labels, including; Moontide, Aqua Blu, Jantzen, Sunseeker and Freya are also in store and online to provide the perfect fit for every body! Sax Sea has offers sizes up to a G cup and size 00 (childrens) to 24 (adults).

On trend!

Sax Sea believes you shouldn’t have to compromise on fashion trends, so they make sure they are at the forefront of swimwear style, meaning you get the perfect fit that’s so NOW! Of course, its’ not just about swimwear. Sax Sea offers resort, travel and leisure style clothing which makes it the place to go for everything you need before your beach escape!