The Easter Edit

I have been speaking with lots of ladies this week about Easter and their desire to buy something new for the long weekend. Not just one lady, many! It got me thinking, was there some history to why we feel something new is needed at Easter? In all honestly, I think any reason is a good reason for a new outfit, but it turns out there is some substance. It is believed that back in the day (a long time ago) it was tradition for Christians to wear new, clean clothes on Easter Sunday to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus and the new life for followers of the religion.

So now that I have justified you buying a new outfit or vacation wardrobe…. here is some inspiration.

The Easter Weekend Edit

Many of us are heading away for this Easter long weekend/school holidays. I thought I would put together two small collections showcasing our new arrivals and my tips on how to put a suitcase together for a 3–4-day trip. Everything should be able to go back with at least 2 other items in your suitcase! I hope you like it.

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Disclaimer: Information gathered on history may have been taken from many fashion blogs and should not be taught to children and taken as gospel.