Shannon Fragomeli aka The Prospect Project

The Prospect Project an Australian candle company committed to giving back. Having donated more than $32k to not for profits so far and a focus on eco-friendly packaging. We sit down for a fire round of questions with founder, Reality tv expert, Epic party organiser, amazing cook and Mum to Ella, Shannon Fragomeli.

Tell us about you and Prospect Project? 

We're Perth makers of socially conscious candles sold all 'round this beautiful country. To date we've made over 50,000 candles, donated over $32,000 to Not For Profit causes and you can find us in Myer stores nationwide, as well as in our own online store and with some pretty glorious wholesale clients too. Our specialty is our custom candles - pretty much if you can dream it, we can make it! 

Quick questions:

  1. Last song played on Spotify - "Hold On" Wilson Phillips
  2. Who and/or what inspires you? Rhianna, Billie Eilish, basically anyone who is unapologetically themselves and takes risks without caring what people think. As an inherent people-pleaser, I've always really admired people like this.
  3. Kim or Khloe? neither - Kris
  4. 3 things you always have in your handbag? credit card, air pods, snacks
  5. Your best advice? treat yourself the way you would treat your friends.

What does Summer 21/22 look like for you? 

Day drinking with my girlfriends, lazy days in the backyard, time with family

What is your Charity? 

Ocean Heroes

Why did you choose this Charity?

Ocean Heroes teaches children on the autism spectrum how to surf. They're one of the amazing causes we support through our online store and with Sax Sea being the go-to for all things swimwear, it was a no-brainer!


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