Introducing our Resort Capsule for 2021

Sax Sea has designed both swimwear and clothing for over 10 years. Did you know that?

We pride ourselves in the great friendship we have developed over the years with our main manufacturer, whose village and family business are in Indonesia. To ensure our ongoing support and growth for both our business, I usually travel twice a year to visit, to spend time to select high quality fabrics and work through the sample design process. However, this year we had to adapt this process to digital means, and to ensure the success with all aspects we sourced help from local Perth pattern markers. It was a great experience as we both learnt, and it was great to know they are all safe and healthy.

I am excited to release our first Resort Capsule for 2021. Inspired by our desire to travel despite our restrictions, I decided to bring a resort vibe to you. As we explore our great own great State, we don’t have to compromise on our love for expanding our travel wardrobe and dressing up when on holidays. Bunker Bay, The Crown, Cable Beach are just some places that allow us to escape and feel like we are somewhere far from home. With our customers in mind the staff and I designed these pieces to be comfortable, flowy yet stylish. The prints can be styled together or with your favourite basic pieces in your own wardrobe.


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