Bianca D'Ascenzo


Meet Bianca. She is an inspiring and driven young lady that has worked in the fashion industry for many years. Last year she took the leap and started her own business as a Fashion Agent, despite 2020 being the year of challenges for us all she continues to stay positive and grow the business. Sax Sea has the pleasure of working with her and stocking some of her labels. We love having her energy in store when she visits!

What current TV series are you watching?

Sex and The City. I just love the fashion and the lifestyle, hopefully I will be able to enjoy a Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle in New York one day soon.

Your most visited Perth beach?

Scarborough ... I love being near the water and it's the perfect spot to get a drink after!

Harry or William?

Prince Harry ... because every girl likes a bit of a bad boy?

Upcoming trend we should invest in?

Knits and leather for winter ... I love a leather skirt with a gorgeous knit and a fabulous boot.

Favourite piece form the Sax Sea Collection

All the Cienna knits of course. they've been my go-to all winter. I love the mohair blend; it gives it that beautiful luxurious feel.

What does your perfect Summer involve?

I love the ocean so being in a tropical location with all my closest friends. great music and beautiful food.

What is your Charity?

Melanoma Institute Australia

Why did you choose this Charity?

Unfortunately, last year I had a Melanoma myself which I had for some time. I have wanted to create a lot more awareness around it as I felt as though I was so oblivious to it being young. It's so easy for us to go get checked and not enough of us do. I can't stress enough about how important it is for us to protect our skin and to educate our youth about it.

Bianca wears our new Heaven Swimwear due this November. See something you like, join our mail list to be the first to know when it arrives!