Bianca D'Ascenzo


What current TV series are you watching?

Sex and The City. I just love the fashion and the lifestyle, hopefully I will be able to enjoy a Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle in New York one day soon.

Your most visited Perth beach?

Scarborough ... I love being near the water and it's the perfect spot to get a drink after!

Harry or William?

Prince Harry ... because every girl likes a bit of a bad boy?

Upcoming trend we should invest in?

Knits and leather for winter ... I love a leather skirt with a gorgeous knit and a fabulous boot.

Favourite piece form the Sax Sea Collection

All the Cienna knits of course. they've been my go-to all winter. I love the mohair blend; it gives it that beautiful luxurious feel.

What does your perfect Summer involve?

I love the ocean so being in a tropical location with all my closest friends. great music and beautiful food.

What is your Charity?

Melanoma Institute Australia

Why did you choose this Charity?

Unfortunately, last year I had a Melanoma myself which I had for some time. I have wanted to create a lot more awareness around it as I felt as though I was so oblivious to it being young. It's so easy for us to go get checked and not enough of us do. I can't stress enough about how important it is for us to protect our skin and to educate our youth about it.